Our services provide a much more attractive appearance for potential clients or business owners who are not aware of how much the elements, including all forms of weather and exhaust fumes from traffic, affect the appearance of their business. In addition, dust and smoke can rapidly build up on the inside of windows. Glass that is not regularly cleaned can often become stained. Staining left untreated can turn to hard water stain and corrosion and may require costly restoration or in many cases complete glass replacement. We the experts recommend annual cleaning to maintain the sparkle on the windows.

Our Services Include

    • Wiping down frames and sills
    • Removal of hard water stains
    • Arial/Boom Lift Service
    • Boson’s chair
    • Scaffold
An alternative for cleaning windows with a squeegee method (commercial only) is by using a tucker pole is a series of telescoping handles made of gold color anodized aluminum tubing and a brush. A detergent solution or rinse water may be fed through a continuous length of hose which is inside the handle. The water source requires the use of a de-ionized tank for optimum cleaning and rinsing. Optional C-dispenser allows detergent solution to be used during the cleaning process by placing compressed tablets in the detergent dispenser. De-ionized water dries without spotting and acts as a natural cleaner; therefore, detergent dispensers may not be needed (depending upon the application).

Green Cleaning

We implemented green cleaning methods and products into our services because they are safer than traditional solutions and have the least impact on the environment. Our eco friendly cleaning products, equipment and procedure are not only effective, but also allows us to provide a healthier work place by decreasing indoor office pollutants and improve air quality for employees and visitors.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels in your home or business are designed to capture sunlight which gets converted into usable electricity; therefore, anything that obstructs the ability of the panels to capture sunlight such us: dust, dirt, bird dropping and leaves will decrease the amount of generated electricity. This decrease will cut into your energy savings. Let us keep the performance of your solar panels at it highest, by having them clean periodically. Don’t worry about your dirty solar panel; leave the dangerous work to the professionals!